Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Link Roundup

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Bicycle School Bus
#CycleSafe – Eight Achievable Steps for Creating Cities fit for Cycling

Running Does NOT Ruin Your Knees

Rick Santorum is a Douchemonkey (Formerly 'Politics')
Rick Santorum Invents New Front In Fake War On Religion: Obama Wants Female Catholic Priests
Rick Santorum Conducting War On Any Religion That Isn't His (Jesus Quotes on Hanukkah Cards)
Santorum: 'I'll Die' To Stop Same Sex Marriage
Rick Santorum Is Coming For Your Birth Control
For Santorum: 5 Myths About Women in Combat

600 Doctors (70 Catholic) Write In Support Of Contraception Rule
Republicans Retreat on Domestic Violence, Won't Renew Violence Against Women Act
Why 'Yes But' Is The Wrong Response to Mysogyny
Geek Culture, Gaming and Sexism Bingo!
By Nearly 2 to 1, Cable Networks Call on Men Over Women to Comment on Birth Control
I'm Not Okay With Chris Brown Performing At The Grammys And I'm Not Sure Why You Are
FOX Pundit Says Women In The Military Should Expect To Be Raped
2/13 Daily Show. Just Watch It.
Abortion Shmashmortion: Defending Planned Parenthood
Nerds and Male Privilege
It's Not About Birth Control or Abortion. It's About Sex and Power

JC Penny CEO: 'Ellen Represents the Values of Our Company'
Poll Finds Support for Contraceptive Policy and Gay Couples

Science and the Environment
Why People Believe Misinformation, Even After It's Corrected
Koch Brothers Funding Climate Denial Education
Paranoia strikes deep: GOP exposes ‘dangerous’ U.N. sustainability plot
Big Oil’s banner year: Higher prices, record profits, less oil
Why climate hawks should care about birth-control access
Grand Canyon gives Coke the finger, bans bottled water
Five ways to argue with a Keystone XL pipeline supporter
Heartland Institute takes money from Kochs, gives it to deniers

Architecture and Design
America has 40 million McMansions that no one wants

Movies and TV
The Question Isn't 'Why Is There A Zombie Osama Bin Laden Movie?' The Question Is 'What Took You So Long?'
The Princess Bride 'Bottle of Wits' 
25 Television Facts that NO ONE DENIES

Newt or Schrute? The Quiz
This Guy Rocks: Texas Federal Judge Demagogued By Gingrich Fights Back—'You Should Be Ashamed'
Luis Gutierrez Rebuffs Newt Gingrich's 'Food Stamp President' Claim About Obama

Do We "Need" Voter ID Laws? ACLU Offers $1k For Example Of Voter Impersonation
State-Level Education: Arizona Bill Would Prohibit Teachers And Professors From Teaching Any Book With 'Profanity'
5 Big Lies About The Phony 'War On Religion'
When (Right Wing) Bullies Can't Take a Punch

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