Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Link Roundup

I swear I have an actual post planned. But the Daily Show stole my lunchbreak.

Are urban bicyclists just elite snobs? 

Rick Perry Decries Gay 'Lifestyle' After Obama, Hillary Clinton Call for an End to Discrimination Worldwide (or, When My Heart Gives Out, I Hope the Official Report Says "Cause of Death: Republicans")
Five Myths About California DREAMers
The Rebirth of Social Darwinism

Will Obama Abandon Women for Bishops? 
What Siri's Blind Spot on Women's Health Really Means
Plan B: Debunking the Myths and Improving Women's Health Care
FBI Takes Major Step Toward Updating Narrow Definition Of Rape

Architecture and Design
Hillary Clinton on Gay Rights Abroad | Full Speech and Text
Are Gays and Divorce Destroying the Welfare States?

Jon Stewart Declares War on Christmas
Community Does 'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'

Funny, Star Wars-Inspired DIY Project Makes Laundry Easy 
diy project: magnetic mini forest | Design*Sponge
Turn Spare Keyboard Keys Into Fridge Magnets | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn

Interracial Couple Banned From Kentucky Church 
The Muppets Are Communist, Fox Business Network Says 

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  1. Re snobs. Yes. Perhaps not as much as me, but still yes. Just sayin'