Friday, December 16, 2011

Yeah, that's pretty much it

Coming to the conclusion that a large part of why I ride is to piss off the motorists as I zip by during traffic.

I took today off from work, mainly because I have way too much PTO saved up and because I wanted to finish my Christmas shopping (win!). Biked from Uptown up to Northpark Mall. For a Friday afternoon, it was pretty damn packed. Congested hallways, long lines, slow-walking people (I hate very little more than I hate slow-walking people) But, you know, girl's gotta do.

Swinging around through the parking lot, though, I could go a whole hell of a lot faster than anyone on four wheels. They were all so wary of each other and so stressed by the holidays and this that and the other and wheeee there I went!

Plus, then I hopped on over to Half Price Books and got a lovely little surprise along the way. I took Park to cross 75 and then jumped on through the Park Lane shops (I think that's what they're called, anyway). It's a lot easier than riding down Greenville and much prettier. But then I turned a corner and TADA!!

Food truck central! There were, like, eight of them parked there. It was brilliant.

So, that's another reason to ride. The surprises you'd never find in a car :)

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