Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Link Roundup

How Bikes Can Solve Our Biggest Problems
Look at the Asshole in the Bike Lane
Bike Snob NYC: The Awesomest Generation: The Gnosis Myth
In the future, urban bikers go faster than cars

Nearly 1 in 5 Women in U.S. Survey Report Sexual Assault
New CDC Study on Sexual Assault: Preteen Boys and Adolescent Girls are Most at Risk
Judge Dismisses 'Epidemic' of Rape in Military Case 
Larsson's Partner Chides 'Dragon Tattoo' Marketing: 'It's About Violence and Discrimination Against Women'
North Indian 'Apni Beti' Program Strikes a Blow Against Child Marriage
Scotland Yard Launches Genius Holiday Rape Prevention Campaign

Are evangelicals a national security threat?
God’s undue influence on U.S. politics
Gingrich Deflation Puts Iowa Conservatives Back At Square One
Nevada Judge Rules Fetal Personhood Initiative Misleading To Voters

Family Values: A Call to Advocate Gay Marriage on Christmas Cards  

14 Best DIY Gadget Projects of 2011
diy project: reusable wrapped boxes

Why you should move that button 3px to the left 
Lessons of design learned from nature
Sony Develops a Battery That Runs on Paper

Science and the Environment
Greenest Restaurant In America Wants to Be Outdone
Highway to hell: More roads = more traffic
Rush Limbaugh Named Climate Change Misinformer of the Year (Video)

Food and Health
Now We're Cooking: How to Get Americans Back in the Kitchen
Holiday Recipes: 5 Simple, Healthy Appetizers
Sorry Mrs. O, but jumping jacks aren’t enough

Just Fucking Cool
Google Donates $11.5 Million To Fight Modern-Day Slavery 
10 Los Angeles Dive Bars
The Holiday Gift Guide: 18 Great Books for Movie Lovers
Infographic Of The Day: The Blessing And Curse Of Being A Millennial
'Star Wars' Chosen As Religion In Czech Republic On New Census

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