Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cold weather riding

For Christmas, my mother got me some gear from Luke's Locker. I'm a Run On! girl myself, but cold-weather gear is cold-weather gear, so I was stoked. Granted, it didn't quite work out—the more I run races, the more dry-fit t-shirts I get—but hey, that was a lot of store credit to use! I got a new jacket, a new pair of compression tights (yay!) and a few extra pieces to help me out.

The gloves are "wind resistant" and, go figure, they work! As we all know, the wind is the most painful part about winter cycling. The base cold we can deal with, cycling warms us up fast enough, but the wind? That can cut right through. I believe the brand is Manzella, they set me back $30 aaaaaand worth it! I'm thinking about sometimes layering a set of sweat-absorbent gloves underneath and see if that adds any extra warmth as the temperature drops.

And the headband? I've been trying to get by with the kind of silly hats I have (I have a lot of silly hats) and those weren't quite doing it. I haven't gotten a winter liner for my helmet—I have hair, nature's liner!—but my ears get so cold and this thing does the trick. Obviously Nike, and it has little reflective bits on it! If anyone's wondering, it will muss up your hair a bit but no more than a helmet (and makeup, it doesn't stretch a whole whole lot and can scrape past your face).

I've got a set of running tights that are crap for running, but they are full-length and make a great layering piece, same for a long-sleeved top. So, yay! Winter cycling!

Yeah, that's Texas winter cycling. It got into the 70s last week. Because of course.

But in the winter, the DART station is deserted. There use to be seven or eight of us on the platform in the mornings, now I'm by myself, or maybe there's one other person and that's not exactly comforting. Luckily we're past the solstice, so the days are only going to get longer. Can't wait!

Funny things I spotted:

Plano has a historic district?

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