Thursday, January 19, 2012

Link Roundup

A day late. Damn you, SOPA! Tell Congress: Don't censor the web!

Accident Raises Urgency for Bike Lanes in Dallas (Seriously? Fuck you, Dallas. You AND the SUV you rode in on)
"I Didn't See the Cyclist" Isn't a Defense, It's an Admission of Guilt
Biking + Farmer's Market = Velo Fare Cookbook (Recipe)
Biking In Dallas » Dallas Bicycle Cafe coming soon!

Andrew Sullivan: How Obama's Long Game Will Outsmart His Critics
7 Things Poor Voters Want Rich Candidates (and Their Rich Supporters) to Know
5 Things More Likely to Save Marriage Than an Anti-Porn Crusade
12 Times Stephen Colbert Interrupted Politics 
Gingrich Suggests Illegally Firing Federal Employees Over Liberal Views

No More Highlight Reels: How SOPA Would Hurt Sports Fans
Movie Flops Are Driving Internet-Killing Bills in Congress
Infographic: Why the movie industry is so wrong about SOPA
What are the REAL motivations behind support for SOPA?

New Hampshire Introduces Bills to Defund Planned Parenthood, Weaken Domestic Violence Laws (GOP to Women: "No, seriously. We couldn't give less of a shit about you. Make me a sandwich") 
Teen Birthrate Plummets Because Girls Can Actually Get Birth Control
Santorum Campaign Worker Believes God Doesn't Want a Female President
Abortion Rates Are Higher In Countries Where Procedure Is Illegal, Study Shows

Science and the Environment
Climate change skepticism seeps into science classrooms
At the Consumer Electronics Show, a New Focus on Recycling Old Gadgets
CES 2012: 3 Examples of Sony's Mantra, "Do More With Less"
Collar Camera Offers Unique Glimpse of Life as a Grizzly Bear

Architecture and Design
Wind-Powered Land Mine Clearing Device is Nominee for London Design Museum's Design of the Year Award 
Industrial Piping, Recycled Into One of a Kind Shelving 
200 Chinese Workers Erect a 30 Storey Prefabricated Hotel in Just 15 Days 
Embodied Energy and Green Building: Does it matter? 
How To Build a Resilient Design: Make it Smaller, Higher, Stronger and Warmer 

The Rise And Fall Of Poverty Porn 
On the New York Times and Truth Vigilantes: The Place of the Media is NOT Stenographic Journalism
New York Times Public Editor Asks Readers To Weigh In On Whether Or Not Reporters Should Attempt Some Sort of 'Reporting'

Pretty Cool
There Flows the Neighborhood: Follow the Booze to the Next Big Block
What the Right Gets Right
Cuppow - Turn a Canning jar into a Travel mug
Coffee Is For Closers: 14 Of The Most Impressive Monologues In Movie History
The Cast Of Community As The X-Men


  1. I have been startled by cyclists. While on my bike. Of course, I'd have trouble drifting into a bike lane and running over a bunch of them as in Mionske's example. Mostly I get tricked by wrong-way sidewalk riders, especially in the dark when they have no lights. Motorists do not have a monopoly on willful ignorance. I suspect all readers of this blog adhere to a higher standard.

  2. Your first link under Bikes is returning a 404 :-(