Saturday, January 14, 2012

You can't see what you're not looking for

Last weekend was the going away party for two of my first friends from Dallas cycling, Waly and Jigna. They headed up Bike Friendly Knox Henderson, the first cycle group I started riding with—some of those rides, like down to the DMA for concerts on Thursdays, are why I started the blog. Their going away party was full of Dallas's recreational cycling finest.

I was talking to Amanda from Dallas Cycle Chic and she pointed me towards this video:

You're going to have to watch it twice. 

The video makes an incredible point—you don't see what you're not looking for. Dallas is not a cycling city. Although we feel like a community, cyclists in Dallas are a virtually non-existent fraction of the moving population and the cars don't realize there's even a chance they'll encounter one of us on the road (unless they're near White Rock, and then they just get mad). Hopefully this kind of video can get a little viral support, because it makes a good point and it makes it well.

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