Friday, October 14, 2011


First: I found something awesome on the internet

Preach, sister. Also, Congress, this HR 358 this is utter horseshit. A one-two punch of "we can tell you what to do with your money" and "yeah, go ahead and die on the floor". For those who don't follow politics, the House of Representatives yesterday passed a bill that a) keeps women from purchasing a private insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act that would cover abortion and b) allows a hospitals to refuse a woman a life-saving, medically necessary abortion (and to refuse to give her a referal).

Yes, this is never pass the Senate. Yes, Obama has already promised a veto. But this just proves once again that the GOP and the Tea Party are under the control of a small but vocal group of elderly lunatics*and refuse to accept the idea that women are competent human beings who are capable of independent decision-making.

And that is why I will never date a Republican.

In other news, I won't be updating for a few days because I am off to Los Angeles! Thank you, Virgin Atlantic, for driving down American's prices enough for me to snag the insanely low fare that has me jetting off to the West Coast for the weekend. I have a fever and the only cure is MORE TRAVEL!

*Thank you, Daily Show, for that one

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