Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It is suddenly winter like BOOM

I swear, Dallas, you are doing this just to mess with me.

Two weeks ago, it was 100°. Am I wrong? Like, seriously? It was one hot mother of a summer that went on and on and was a little bit brutal but I outlasted that shit like for real. It was baller and I did it but now it is turning into winter and apparently this is a whole new ball game.

Speaking of ball game—GO RANGERS!

Moving on.

It is currently 56° outside and I am officially freezing. I do not have any photos of my adorable outfit from before ride nor my squinted eyes, dry red cheeks or runny nose from after. But really? Boots, tights, dress, sweater and a trenchcoat and I was fuh-reezing. Plus, the sun goes down earlier and there is just something weird about setting off in the evening and it is so damn dark out.

I did get a package in the mail today, these crazy little handwarmers I'd forgotten I'd ordered. I found them on Etsy via some RSS feed or another and lord knows how long they'd been spending in my mailbox.

The other one is plain gray, but the mouse on the right is cute enough for both of them. They slip right on to the handlebars which is good and bad. I know they won't drop off, which I adore. It does however make it a little more difficult when it comes to riding. I'm realizing now that I like to grip the handlebars when I get started or when I head up a hill and the added mitten is something new to maneuver through that space between the brake and the handlebar. Plus, if you're female (or an adventurous male) and you're riding in a skirt you suddenly realize is somewhere around your hips, it is that much more difficult to get a hand free to adjust.

That said, I don't think they're all that warm. The knitting isn't as tight as it looks in the picture which leaves a fair amount of gappage open to the cold. I'd raise they raise your fingers up to the temperature of the rest of your body, and your thumbs still get to freeze. Worth the $24? If you like adorable things and people oohing and aahing over your cute cute bike gear. Besides, beauty is pain (highness. anyone who says different is selling something).

I think Sidney might be relegated to afternoon and weekend rides in the upcoming months. Now, this looks to be a freak cold spell and it'll get back up into the high 70s and 80s in the next few days but I'm getting a good look at what my winter is going to look like. And I think it looks like carpool.


  1. Carpool? Instead of spending $100 on winter gear?

    The good thing about this cold is it reminds us to get ready for the ice storm to come. I'm optimistic I'll soon get the price tags off all that winter gear I bought last July at 70% off.

  2. I'll keep riding until it gets below 30 degrees, then, I don't know. When it gets that cold, my lungs and throat really hurt.