Friday, October 21, 2011

Shout out!

I stitched this blog up with Google Analytics. Looks like I've had about 400 viewers in the last couple of weeks, with a bounce rate of about 60% (bow chicka wow wow) and they spend an average of 2:23 on my site. Not too shabby, Watson. The best part by far is seeing the map and getting a look at where my readers come from. Also, knowing that I'm not shouting into an utter void.

So shout out to my reader in Spain! I have never heard of your town but I adore your country and hope to come back someday soon, vale!

To my readers in Hobart, Australia. Holy cow, you guys bored at work? 10 minutes on my site! Thank you!

The Dominican Republic. I think that's just Ellen logging in on 4 different computes. Miss you!

My London readers—you've got a buddy in Leicester. Yall should meet up!

Canada. My neighbors upstairs. You guys are even more bored than the Aussies! Also, how come so many of you are fascinated by my antics and no one from Mexico is? I am writing this from Texas. Is this because I like hockey? The Pens did hand Winnipeg their first win.

And the good old US of A.

I have readers from 27 of 50 states (I'll get there eventually) From most to least time on the site we have Oregon winning with 12 minutes, fuckin hippies, and North Carolina coming in dead last with none. Whoops. 9 from Massachusetts (Marianna, that you?), 9 from Pennsylvania (but none from Pittsburgh?), 19 from California and ... drumroll please ... 274 from Texas.

How many of those is me logging in from separate computers or forcing my friends to read this, I'm not quite sure. But it's there!

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  1. IT's fascinating to see the stats of people that are reading - I love to check it as well.