Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This is why I ride

I can be a crabby person. Some things can really get me steamed up. Politics, mostly. And stupid people. Stupid people being stupid around me. Which is I guess politics. But it gets to me and I go cross-eyed. I can't actually fully put to words, but I'm just one of those people gets overwhelmed and I start to shut down and it's bad.

And this is why I ride. It puts me at a different level with everything and I fall in love with a city I hate because on a bike, I see beauty everywhere. I see that sky in University Park, and I hate University Park. I hate the one-lane streets and the hidden street signs and everything it stands for.

Sunrise. Over Highway 161. I hate highways and the traffic and how thick the pollution gets and all the cars. But goddamn this was a beautiful sunrise.

This is SMU. Southern Methodist University. Southern Millionaires University. This is like the birthplace of all that is horrific about Dallas, it breeds the greed and the shiny and the demolish-the-history that sprawls throughout this city. But riding through there at the Golden Hour, I made this turn and suddenly had to spin around and stop and get this shot because seriously? Stunning. Except for that crane in the background, because Dallas is always under construction.

I worry sometimes that car people miss all this. I feel like they're so focused on where they're going, they forget to look at where they are. Or maybe I'm just biased. I can't really tell drivers from the cars they wield.


  1. Such beautiful photos. Riding bikes is a great leveler - and I believe will only grow in numbers.