Sunday, September 18, 2011

It is definitely still summer

Still a mite warmish

But a beautiful day for a ride, nonetheless. Today's post was going to be a love letter to Sunflower Market but something else cropped up. After a quick out-and-back to the grocery store (and, like, seriously, my week's groceries cost some $21. For the whole week) I rode out to White Rock for some quality time in the saddle.

Out of the frame and off to the right is my little picnic. I packed a blanket, water, grapes and a book and had a pretty little time in the shade by the lake. There were a ton of people out, so it was an exciting little ride. Not a lot of runners, probably on account of the hour and the heat, but nice enough. I started flagging somewhere around mile 20, I'll admit, but I was woefully under-fueled. So now I'm feet up and chowing down. Adore.

How have I lived around White Rock for the vast majority of my life and never realized that the benches were installed with bike racks on the back? Because that is awesome. Well played, White Rock. Well played.

But by far the best part of the ride?

Hopefully she won't mind I post this ...

Looks like I was dead wrong about the new Missoni for Target bikes. I figured they were so, well, gaudy isn't the right word ... audacious? Seemed a little showy and I was worried they wouldn't much appeal to first-time riders. Turns out I was wrong—they only produced 500, and those sold out in less than 4 hours. Apparently this lady was on the computer at some 4:45 am to secure hers, and it does look like it rides pretty. Congrats!

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