Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm back baby

As if we needed any further evidence that I'm completely insane

Still a little gimpy, the ankle hurts pretty bad without the wrap to support it but I'm riding again! You can't see in this photo but there's even some bruising around my toes where everything started to drain, kind of like how a bump to the head gives you a black eye a week later, but the ankle is back to being ankle shaped. I did some time on a stationary bike to make sure I'd be okay so I figured I'd give it a shot. (and a big thank you for all the well-wishes)

If you live in Dallas and you haven't checked out Sunflower Market (on Henderson at Greenville) I really suggest you do so! I loved it the first time I pulled up—there's a bike rack outside (also, the more I update this thing, the more pictures I realize I need to take) The place is a cross between Whole Foods and Trader Joes and priced appropriately somewhere in between. The produce can be dirt cheap—bell peppers for $0.50, celery for $0.99, 2 pounds of oranges for $3. Packaged goods can get more expensive but some of those you can also scoop out of a barrel. And you can get organic versions of, like, everything. And they have this fantastic store-brand bread where some loaf is always at $2.99 and it's only 50 calories a slice. Freaking love this place. I'll take more pictures the next time I go. Needless to say I filled my basket to the point I could barely get home and I had to tie my purse off to the bungee.

Bike grease on the leg.
I'm ba-ack!

Also, ladies, bike safety tip—wear a low-cut top. Men around here will notice boobs before they notice a bike.

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