Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WhooooooWHEEE playing pinball with pedestrians

Mk so Labor Day for reals brought the end of summer with it. Sunday night rolls around and wham bam thank you ma'am temperatures drop 20 degrees. It went from sweltering to absolutely stunning in one rise and fall of the sun. So what's a gimp to do?

Ride, of course!

Unfortunately, before I could go anywhere, I had a little problem to fix. I'd gone to ride to the movies on Sunday night and discovered that I had a flat. I'd noticed something off, I was filling it a little every morning, but I hadn't realized it was so bad. Looked like a slow leak had finally caught up with me.

Slow leak got faster

So I went up to the shop and first off had to explain the ankle story, again. The guys at the shop got more of a kick out of it than my co-workers did, which is not exactly surprising. I don't think my co-workers have climbed more than stairs. I really wanted to fix it myself and I mainly went to the shop to make sure I didn't screw up. Which I did not. I am a beast.

My wheel, their supervision

Success! I was royally stoked and it was royally beautiful so I went for a little joyride. Realized I was on track with a route I ran training back in February so I took it, swung up the Katy and into Highland Park. Like, Highland Highland Park. Not north Highland Park where those houses maybe run into the seven figures. This was well below Beverly where these things spawn acres. These houses are stunning and the land and well-maintained roads make for a gorgeous ride. There weren't too many cars on the road either, it was smooth-sailing.

I wonder what the neighbors think of this one

Uh, yeah. It's like somebody tried to take De Stijl into the modern age way too quickly. Bauhaus done pretty damn wrong. No me gusta. Reitveld is rolling over in his fantastic chair.

A little more typical

That's more standard fare. I wonder if an SAE lives there. And if they paint those lions.

The view from that guy's lawn

Yeah, I learned my lesson from not taking enough pictures yesterday, and I may have taken too many today. So be post-warned. I have no idea what this lake is for but it's actually fairly nicely laid out. Pretty path, new benches, water fountains (not working last I checked, but a nice thought). Definitely not going to ride on the path, too narrow, but the road is smooth so no complaints here!

Ahh, Dallas

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

It was a gorgeous ride. Granted, I nearly got taken out trying to cross Mockingbird but almost isn't actually so I'm calling it a win. Also, there was totally a DPD car camped out just on the flipside of the Park trying to squeeze every last dime out of those stop sign-running Mercedes. Got a giggle out of that (and made sure I didn't run a stop sign ... )

The Katy Trail was the real adventure. Like seriously, that was mad crazypants. One of the first nice days since a brutal beatdown of a summer, so that't to be expected. But seriously, people? If you can't control your pets (or your kids) don't bring them to the trail, or at least not a peak hours. And don't walk down the very center of the trail. Like, really? Can I just post rules? I promise I won't swear (much)

Happiness is a girl and her bike

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