Friday, September 16, 2011

What. The. Shit.

The bright side: Anti-harassment legislation has now been introduced in DC.

Update: This video was shot from a helmet camera by a DC cyclist on August 31, 2011. He's riding down the road when, about a minute in, a truck passes him and, unprovoked, begins to yell and swear at him ("Get to the $&%# right" etc). The truck then cuts him off so sharply that the back end strikes the rider, knocking him to the ground. It's almost impossible to believe it wasn't intentional.


  1. Please provide details on the video.

  2. Hey Steve click on the link in the video so you can watch it on Youtube and you'll get more details.

    And this video is precisely why I will/should never carry a handgun.


  3. The video, if legit, is verification that there are sociopathic aggressive sad little monkeys in the world. Fact of life. Rather than chatting with them, or trying to share the road with them, I grab the brakes and dive to the right as soon as they start lecturing me. 20mph in traffic at a physical disadvantage is not my preferred setting for a teachable moment (or losing my temper) with a jerk who barely has prehensile thumbs. I just bow out of that game, smile and wave. This happened so fast though it's hard to say that any of us could have done anything different. Yikes.