Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thing I do when I'm not cycling

Well, not really enough wind today to get any sailing done but meet Elation. She's basically my big sister. I've been sailing her since I was tall enough to reach the tiller. There used to be a net all along the railing line, she was a "floating crib" till I was probably 18. Things have changed a bit since ...

Although I believe this is how my parents have
always packed the ice chest.

So beautiful out today. Clear sky, no clouds and out there it's blue as far as you can see, not a lot of Dallas to disrupt it. Again, no wind, but we did get to give her a good scrub down and fiddle some with the electronics. The running and spreader lights haven't been working so we had to dig in a bit.

The power of the Force

So the picture isn't totally clear, but that's the mast floating about two inches off the deck. Not floating so much as being suspended by a crane looped through a rope tied around the mast and snugged up under the stays but, you know, same thing. That's when you really trust your knot-tying skills because that is a lot of mast to come crashing down if things go flipside. So yeah. Sailing.

To me, sailing is a lot like cycling. They're both nature's machines, one runs on your body and the other relies on your intellect (and, you know, the wind) Breeze in your hair, just being one with the world, rockin out with your bad self. Mmmm ... hope the wind picks up soon.

The beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad
So I had one more for dessert


  1. There's a famous observation that the bicycle is (one of) the most efficient machines ever created. Perhaps, but it's got nothing on a sail boat, which is the true champion.

  2. As luck would have it I'm free this Saturday. So what time does the boat leave the dock, I don't want to be late

    - Chris