Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time down, feet up

I'm laid up for a little while, won't be cycling for at least a week. I feel like most Americans wouldn't mind being told to sit still for a few days, but it's already driving me crazy. I took a bad spill (more accurately, a bad landing) climbing earlier this week and I'm hobbling pretty bad. Wanna see? Of course you do!

Attractive, huh?

I'm essentially smuggling a grapefruit in my left ankle. A bright purple grapefruit. So a genetically-modified grapefruit, I suppose. Jumped from about 15 feet and that one rolled under me, but I'm lucky there was a good mat or I probably woulda snapped the damn thing off. So yeah, my foot barely fits in a shoe and I can just about shuffle my way around the office, but I'm resting up before I get back on the bike—though you can bet the bike is the first place I'm gonna be. Stationary bike, then regular bike, then elliptical, then running. And then I'll get back to climbing.

It's even prettier today. A true work of art.


  1. You should get your money back from the tattoo artist. It looks like a giant bruise!


  2. Oh man, ouch. Get yourself better soon.

  3. The best thing about the pics is the Nerf machine gun in the background. All you need now is a marshmallow gun and you gun create fun havoc at work.