Friday, August 12, 2011

You're not in traffic, you ARE traffic

We didn't break the record. 40 days into a heat streak and on Day 41 Oklahoma sent us clouds. Oklahoma is such a killjoy. Who needs them anyway. I say Texas annexes Oklahoma. It'll be fine. That, or, Oklahoma was protesting Rick Perry's candidacy for president, because in that case I wholeheartedly approve.

But broken or no, the heatwave has put a huge dent in my cycling. There's not a lot of motivation to be moving outdoors at all when it's 108°. My utterly irrational fear of driving does boost me into the saddle but sometimes sheer laziness takes over. This new haircut is not helping either. It has to be blowdried which means I have to get up earlier to shower and there's just something so unbearable easy about that extra 30 minutes of sleep I get if I get behind the wheel instead.

So yeah, more often than not now, I'm in traffic and I am traffic. Quit your bitchin, Dallas. Get out of the car and onto a bike. You'll be happier, your blood pressure will be happier, the pollution levels will be happier. It's a win-win-win. Plus, don't you know what the studies say: riding your bike is good for the economy!

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