Monday, August 8, 2011


I've just resigned myself to being sweaty and disgusting. It's kind of awesome. Sorry for not being a lazy asshole. Sorry I'm using my body the way it was intended. Sorry I'm a badass road demon stinking my way through the burning heat of Hades.

I've also accepted that I will always be beat to hell. Cuts and scrapes and bruises are a part of the being-awesome gig. Occasionally you crash and it all breaks loose but even when you aren't going ass over teakettle into the pavement you're still scraping past trees, catching your flesh on a pedal, getting sunburned (sunburnt?), and lord knows why my ankle looks like a chewtoy - though, to be fair, did have a little too much fun Saturday night.

My coworkers say I should get a chain guard, but I kind of like the grease marks on my calf. I don't even feel my skin hit the chain but apparently it does on a regular basis because every time I get off the bike I've got another set of marks.

Maybe I should just get a bike grease tattoo.

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