Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I've learned

• Don't blow dry your hair when you're wearing a big metal necklace or you'll end up like the Nazi in Raiders

• Short hair is higher maintenance than long hair. Anyone who says differently is selling hair products.

• Short skirts are cuter when your legs aren't bruises stitched together with skin

• When getting a thorn out of a tire, an earring works better than pliers

• You know you're long-term single when your bed becomes a place to put books and bike tools

• A honkytonk is better people-watching than the airport

• The DART is better people-watching than a honkytonk

• I bet they call BART "BART" because "San Francisco" would make it "S FART"

• Sometimes you fall asleep instead of taking a shower and that's o.k.

• Don't put coffee in your oatmeal


  1. Why would you ever have put coffee in your oatmeal in the first place?

  2. Because the hot water comes out of the coffee machine!

  3. Coffee in oatmeal is true multitasking!

  4. "Short hair is higher maintenance than long hair."

    Maybe so, but short hair also dries a lot quicker.