Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yes, crazy man on the train, I like my bike too. And I definitely hope "nobody don't steal it" either.

Last week I read this post from over at One Speed: Go! and I felt like kind of a doofus. Because I was using a cable lock. Pretty much the exact cable lock in that picture. Obviously not the same one because mine hasn't been cut (yet) but uh, a little too close for comfort considering the fate that particular lock met.

Because yeah, that happens. And it can happen pretty easily. (witness, exhibit a) (and you probably won't have some SuperAwesome co-worker who runs out and tackles the bastard who just sliced through your bike lock so quick he looked legit) So. Thanks to you, Phoenix bike blogger, I have changed my ways.

witness, exhibit b

No longer do I rely on a wimpy little cable lock. Now I fight with POWER, and a U Lock, hooked through the wheel and the frame and then secured to the best excuse for a bike rack I was able to track down at my supremely bike un-friendly company. Ain't nobody taking my baby from me. Granted, there are so few bikes in Dallas that bike theft isn't a huge problem. There aren't enough bikes for anyone to get any real practice at it. I guess nobody quite knows how to do it right, so (so far, totally jinxing myself) I haven't had any real problems.

I have the advantage of some pretty stellar places to lock up. At my apartment, the base of the staircase acts as bike rack, so all bikes are locked up within a locked building. I have a parking garage to hide the bike in at work, so no one but my co-workers sees her. When I go downtown, I take her down to a garage instead of locking up on the street. (surface racks in downtown are the only place I've seen bike carcases) I try to be smart about it.

So people, don't be stupid. Lock your shit up legit.



  1. I love the DOUBLE POWER lock up! All locks can be beaten by thieves eventually, but U-locks are more of a deterrent than a cable lock alone, and DOUBLE POWER seems like an even better way to motivate bad guys to look elsewhere since they need more tools and more time to get through both. Oh yeah it may go without saying but make sure your pole job lockups can't just be lifted off the top, I see that quite a bit, too.

  2. cutting a cable lock is like a hot knife slicing through butter!