Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Uh, haha, full disclosure ...

I know jack all about bikes.

Like, for reals. I doubt I could fix a flat on my own. I can barely identify a fixed vs single speed (and I only know a multiple-speed or whatever you call them because of the gear shifter on the handle bars). I hardly know any of the names for bike parts, the only tools I own are for said flat and I sure as shit don't have a bike stand. I just like to tool around on two wheels and see what happens. Hopefully I'll learn a little something (or a lot something) but it's going to be a bigtime learn-as-I-go and I come to this with zero brainage on the issue.

So no pictures of fancy-schmancy bikes and all the tech talk specs and carbon this and steel that just easy, simple, basic I ride a beaut of a Schwinn and she's bright red and she makes me smile. Her name's Sidney. I'll introduce yall shortly. But really folks, I'm just a simple girl from Texas who really really hates to drive.

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