Thursday, November 17, 2011

I really hate that "Baby It's Cold Outside" song

(And click here to see why)

Beside the point. The fact is that after a brief cool spell, which warmed back up nicely for the Tweed Ride, winter is upon us (again).

But, apparently not for long. Check that, Sunday!

This screencap was taken a little bit later this morning, but when I took off this morning my phone told me it was 39°. Pretty impressive, I believe. Now, I remember when I was a Girl Scout, there was a "Polar Bear" badge that you supposedly only received if you went on a camping trip while it was below freezing (and I not-so-fondly remember shivering through a few 40° weekends). I'm going to follow the same standards here, so, not quite Polar Bear status yet. But I'll keep yall posted.

But I think I've got it figured out. This morning? Boots. Knee-high socks. Tights. Long shorts. Long-sleeved dry-wick. Sweater. Scarf. Fleece zip-up. Hat. Gloves. I might dive in and buy some better gloves—mine are the freebies from the National Marathon—but I was feeling pretty good. Probably wool socks next time, my toes did get a little frigid.

And with the time change, right around the point I think I'll probably freeze to death, the sun hits! Which is wonderful. And now that I have borderline-mastered the "Look ma! No hands!" routine, I can warm up my freezing digits with ease.

Still have an extra layer for when it gets even colder, too. Full-length running tights. Has anyone made a full-length running onesie? Suppose it would need a handy butt-flap, though. But I'd be all over a running onesie. Definitely.

So it looks like I'll be cycling through this winter. And that after 4 years of Pittsburgh, I will probably finally break down and buy me some long underwear. Until there's ice and snow on the road, at least, because that will probably send me scuttling for the warmth and protection of a steel box.


  1. I suggest you get a pair of safety goggles for those really cold days. Your eyes will thank you. You can double glove as well. I also found that sweat pants over tights worked for me down to 10F. I got thermal underwear last winter but haven't used it yet.

    This morning I wore my wool socks to work but changed into light socks for the work day. Heavy wool socks get too warm over the course of the day.

  2. Snowmobile suit=very warm onesie. But tights and warm socks are actually all you probably need.