Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Smells like college

One thing I've learned since I started riding a bike is just how many people in the greater Dallas metroplex toke up on what I assume is a fairly regular basis. Just riding along, minding my own business, and suddenly the reek of weed smacks me square in the face. Granted, not quite as stale as the smell at Occupy Dallas, but not my favorite by any means.

I think my favorite so far was one gorgeous afternoon headed down the part of Royal that doesn't suck (the part in Las Colinas) and then all of a sudden it was just sniff sniff, sniff sniff ... smells like college. Option A) that little red car that just blew past was totally hotboxed or Option B) those golfers down there just lit a fat one. My money's on Option B. You crazy golfing kids. And by kids I mean self-indulgent 50-somethings.

It's like no one makes an effort to hide it. And I don't think they should.

Yes, this was all a lead-up to: Legalize It.

Look, I don't even smoke the stuff. It smells funny. I was that crazy art major who just made stuff, no latin lettuce required. The ganja just ain't my bag, man. But considering how seriously the government takes it, it much be awesome.

Check this, the White House just rejected a petition calling for the legalization of marijuana. Granted, a "pro-drug" stance would solidify a GOP win in 2012 but no one will even talk about the benefits we could reap if we changed our drug policies. For one, you'd drastically reduce the power of the drug cartels. No I don't have numbers but dollars to donuts most drug users are potheads and when that shit can be sold legit, there goes heckuva lot of the cartels' inventory. So, plus.

You drop the strain on the criminal justice system. Our jails are overcrowded. Court fees and public defenders and this that and the other are a drain state and local budgets. And really, Topeka? You go broke and decriminalize domestic violence first? During Domestic Violence Awareness Month? "Excuse me, sir? You beat your wife within an inch of her life? In front of your kids? Well, surely you're not as much of a threat to society as this teenager we busted with a roach. You're free to go."

We'll get to you later, Topeka.

And then? Then you tax the everloving shit out of it. This is what I call a win-win-win. So, chop chop, hombres. All that mary jane won't sell itself. Sure, people will abuse it, but being an alcoholic isn't criminal (and no one's yet proved that you can get "addicted" to weed). Keep it illegal to drive under the influence, please. No smoking and packing heat, sure. But you're really missing a clutch opportunity here, friends.


  1. Legalization makes a lot of sense, but I don't like the police being able to excuse away a murderer who used a motor vehicle while stoned and drunk and texting. The point is that we need to stop the nonsense of punishing people for simply using the wrong drugs, but we also need to stop excusing irresponsible acts associated with bad choices. Both have to go together. At least IMO. Thanks.

  2. Does it smell like college, or more like teen spirit?

    You'll find a soul mate in Republican candidate and former two time New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. Part of his platform is legalizing pot, and he gives a reasonable person a compelling arguement for it. In spite of his desire to treat pot smoking as a health issue and not a criminal one, he's having a difficult time of not being cast as the "pot" candidate. This is a topic that could gain traction in the general election but it will kill him in the Republican primary, which seems to be about picking the most over the top stupid person and ignoring anyone who makes sense.

    Just sayin'...