Monday, November 28, 2011


The post I was too busy drinking to write last week ... ah, Thanksgiving.

As we all know at this point, I ride a kickass set of wheels. The Schwinn Madison is a beaut (hell, at the Tweed Ride, I met a few twin bikes!) She rides like a dream and she's damn easy on the eyes, the red frame and white accents are a gorgeous combo and there's something deliciously old school about the way she's put together. J'adore.

People keep telling me to get a basket that suits her. Right now I'm toting a basic black (free) milk crate on my rear rack, and that seems to disappoint people. They suggest I find a nice wooden box, something suitably vintage to fit the overall aesthetic. Or maybe I should buy a nice soft box, one of those zippery things with pockets. I definitely see where they're coming from, a bike as awesome as Sidney deserves an awesome basket.

But quite frankly, I think my milk crate is awesome.

See that? My milk crate held my usual purse, a (very) full overnight bag (pjs, running clothes,—and shoes!—and a nice Thanksgiving dress) and ingredients for the hors d'oeuvre (yes, I did look up the spelling) I was making for before lunch. All of that crammed very nicely, and very securely, into that basic black milk crate. Boo ya.

Also, that thing hanging off the back? That's an awesome, 90s-tastic fanny pack. With my name written on it in glitter paint. It holds all my bike tools and spare tubes. Because a) I have fantastic friends and b) it works just as well as one of those pricey under-the-seat bags.

Ahh, fall has finally arrived in Texas.


  1. I think you need to go to the Rantwick blog and search for "tub." A red one would suit the Schwinn very well and, unlike a milk crate, would leave you prepared for a frog-strangler of a Texas downpour. With a big enough crate, you could keep your milk crate inside for old time's sake. Just sayin'.

    OTOH, a good plastic bag inside the milk crate would also work very well and you could easily accessorize. Bikes are SO versatile.

  2. I have milk crate envy. I need a yellow one for my fixie commuter.

  3. Ah, now I know who you are. I saw your crate at the Ray Charles Ride.

    Crates are handy - I have one on my e-bike.