Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Link dump

How the Bicycle Became A Symbol of Women's Emancipation
A new social marketplace makes it easy to find unique experiences, from workshops to bike tours
The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels - a brief history of the bike
Swapping Tail Pipes For Pedals: Small Changes Could Pay Huge Dividends For Public Health And Economy

49% of Republicans Don't Know What GOP Stands For
When Is a Person?
Eradicating Rape in Wartime
6 Reasons Mississippians Said No to "Personhood" Amendment

"It’s no longer just a Republican war on women. It’s a war on the idea that any woman might ever tell the truth...."
Mississippi in DC: GOP Pushes Zygote Personhood Bills
Americans' #1 Priority: Abortion?
The Men Behind The War On Women
Championing Rapists' Fatherhood Rights

Science and the Environment
Renovation and Repair Creates Way More Jobs, Uses Far Less Material Than New Construction
Green lifestyle choices won’t solve the climate problem
Old-school flower house leaves LEED in the dust
Climate Scientist Wins A Round for America
Green Gift Guide: The Fashion Buff
Green Gift Guide: The Health and Wellness Guru
Green Gift Guide: The Outdoors Enthusiast

10 Commandments for Atheists

Brilliant Use of the Space Beneath the Stairs
Typographer Ryan Gosling
swissmiss | The Division of Labor

Best Comfort Foods for Winter, with Recipes and Photos 

Just Fucking Cool
This is Your Brain on Sports
Ride Your Bike While You Work With The Kickstand Desk
7 Easy DIY Gifts You can Make in an Hour or Less

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