Monday, November 14, 2011

Tweed Ride

I went!

Kind of. Got bad intel and didn't bother to followup myself, so I got to Dealy Plaza at 3 (apparently, the time of last year's ride). The riders had taken a bit of a roundabout route, though, so we still made it to Oak Cliff before the keg was totally floated.

Everyone looked phenomenal. I was really impressed. There were more knickers and small hats and beautiful skirts than I could really process. And one guy on a tall bike. I do feel some pity for the people who went all out, because it was unseasonably warm, even more Texas. Some 83°. I had half-assed it, myself. Highwaisted shorts, a flowery button-down and some thin tights, and I was feeling pretty warm.

And then it was on to Cliff Fest! Maybe it's just me, but Oak Cliff and Bishop Arts see Saturday as a good reason to throw up tents and close down Bishop, and that rocks. Tons of food that looked and smelled delicious, but I'd overdone it at brunch and was still feeling a little stuffed. All in all, it was a stunning day and for as little of it as I was able to attend, I'm really glad I went.

Pictures will be up later. I went really old-school and shot on film!

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  1. Ha! I was there too. Sorry for missing you.

    You might be in one of my pics: